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In 2015, GLIM Inc., the brainchild of J & L started off as an ambitious idea amongst two sisters.  With great fortitude, determination, faith in GOD, and resilience GLIM Inc. continues to flourish by the predestined and always necessary grace of GOD. Our goal is that the fruits of our labor may inspire and encourage others in all facets of  life. Limitless!



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The Best candle line is here. We (J & L) have researched, tested, and produced a pure coconut wax candle line that supports THE BALANCE in life.  We have a great selection of specially blended scents that produce in house aroma therapy benefits. 

Contact us for a chance to purchase a handcrafted product made with love, but more importantly candles that promote mental and physical wellness.

Feel free to email us with any questions you have and we will do our very best to assist you. Please give us a 48 hour respond time. We thank you! 



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On the shoreline of New Haven County, the owners of GLIM Inc. produce four signature eco- friendly candles made with coconut wax and infused with fine essential and natural oils. The aromas released help to promote healthy mental and physical wellness.  The meticulous craftmanship helps to formulate a smooth textured wax with a crisp and clean physical appearance.



Signature Scent

Wellness Benefits:  Lavender and Chamomile contain properties that alleviate nervous tensions. They have traditionally been used for medicinal purposes.  They induce a calming and relaxing aroma that can help with anxiety, insomnia, and stress levels.


Signature Scent

Wellness Benefits:  Peppermint and Cucumber contain properties that impact body systems and mood.  Mint is commonly known for its ability to elevate ones’ mood, alleviate sinus and cold, reduce headache symptoms, and enhance respiratory exchanges. The cucumber provides the scent with the necessary crisp and clean finish.


Signature Scent

Wellness Benefits:  The eucalyptus and white tea are known for their relaxing effects on the mind and body.  The pleasant, sharp earthy scent released can help repel insects, assist with meditation and serve as a mood lifter.


Signature Scent

Wellness Benefits:  The coconut provides a warm inviting scent reminiscent of a warm secluded island.  The alluring scent has a sweet overtone that can serve as a distraction from the everyday pressures of life.

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Stay in the know about what’s happening at GLIM Inc through our regular articles and posts here. Our team keeps our ears to the ground and eyes on the next big thing so we can bring those trends to you. It’s a blast keeping you informed about our newest and most popular products at the Candle Shop. Read about them here, and buy them at GLIM Inc.


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July 14, 2020

We are offering a 10% discount for our website subscribers who make a purchase of 2 or more candles.

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